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Gender Dialogues: Round 2

Round 1 was excellent! Here we go with Round 2 of this ongoing series of dialogues around the question of how we can move beyond the limitations of our own gender conditioning, our automatic assumptions about sex and gender, and the idea the idea of gender as a binary concept.

To move towards transcending these limiting behaviors and beliefs; recognizing our fundamental shared humanity; and feeling safe to embrace and express the totality of who we are as multi-faceted beings; it will serve us to take a look at our conditioning and the way is that it has impacted our lives up until now. However we have come to identify, we have all been subject to (and often harmed by) our conditioning. Let us come together, then, to share our experiences of how society's imposition of gendered expectations has shaped the way we relate to our ourselves and others, and how we move through the world. How can we learn to pause in the moment of encountering a new person and offer them the opportunity to show and tell us how they would like to be perceived, rather than making assumptions about them because of their appearance?

The hope of this event is to create an inclusive, safe space for anyone and everyone who wants to be part of the conversation. All voices - backgrounds, races, ethnicities, nationalities, cultures, genders, sexual orientations, beliefs, religions, socio-economic statuses, ages*, abilities - are welcome and add value and richness to the work we do together. 

To this end, the format of the event will invite individuals to share their personal stories and experiences of navigating and negotiating their own relationships to gender, and to practice non-judgmental listening. Please remember that every individual's experience is true for them and is valid. (Crosstalk and debate will not be part of the process, and will be respectfully interrupted by the facilitators.) 

Please come prepared to listen, and, through listening, to learn.

*In the interest of the adults present feeling free to speak openly and without self-censorship about their lived experience, this event is for persons 18 and over.